How Do You Get a Pocket Door Back on Track?

Getting a pocket door back on its track involves aligning the hanger on top with the bolt and wheel assemblage inside the track, according to Home Repair Central.

  1. Attach the pocket side hanger

    A pocket door has two sides: the strike and the pocket sides. Start by attaching the hanger that is nearest the pocket end of the door. Slide the pocket side hanger to a point where it is nearly 6 inches from the end of the jamb?s edge.

  2. Tilt the door

    The door should be tilted such that the strike side is not inside the opening. A retention clip is released so that it is attached to the back hanger. You may then slide the door right into the pocket. The angle of the door is tilted until it enters the opening, with the front end about 4 inches away from the jamb on the strike side. The front hanger is also secured via the same process. Retention clips must be engaged before using the door.

  3. Cover adjacent surfaces and permanent equipment

    Adjacent surfaces and permanent equipment should be covered when preparing to fix a faulty pocket door. No adhesive tapes or nails should be used when covering surfaces. While pocket door types are of varied types, they can be fixed essentially the same way.