What Are Pneumatic Wheels?


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Pneumatic wheels are tires that have an airtight inner core, or body, that is filled with compressed air. A pneumatic tire consists of a tread and a body. Modern pneumatic tires are generally made from synthetic and natural rubbers, fabric and wire, as well as various chemical compounds, including carbon black.

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Pneumatic tires are the most common type of tires. They are used on many kinds of vehicles, including cars, bicycles, trucks, buses and motorcycles. The body of a pneumatic tire is covered by a tread, which is often reinforced with steel belting and provides traction and contact with the road.

The air pressure inside a pneumatic tire is greater than the air pressure outside it, which allows it to remain inflated, even with the weight of a vehicle on top of it. The air pressure of a pneumatic tire also helps to protect it against forces that could deform it, as well as providing a cushioning effect when the tire hits bumps on the road.

While pneumatic tires have many benefits over their old-fashioned solid counterparts, they do come with their own set of hazards. One of these is the possibility of a blowout, which is when the tire gets punctured and loses all its air. Having a tire blowout on the road can cause a serious car accident. Other problems that can occur with pneumatic tires are issues with air pressure and tire performance.

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