Who Are Some Plumbers in Milton Keynes?

Who Are Some Plumbers in Milton Keynes?

Some plumbers in Milton Keynes include Alan Hodghton Plumbing Services and Peter Grewal Ltd. Other plumbers in the area are Plumbing & Gas Solutions Ltd and Great White Plumbing, according to The Milton Keynes Council.

Alan Hodghton Plumbing Services is located at 2 Poplar Close, Simpson. As of 2015, the telephone number is 01908 395418, or call the mobile number of 07770 416045. Alan Hodghton provides service work with bathrooms, showers, leaks, pumps and taps.

Peter Grewal Ltd is located at 1 Passmore, Tinker Bridge, Passmore. The phone number is 07801 070224. Peter Grewal provides both plumbing and electrical work.

Plumbing & Gas Solutions Ltd is located at 45 Caxton Court, Garamonde Drive, Wymbush. The phone number is 01908 569031. Services include bathroom installations, tiling, wet rooms, maintenance and other plumbing work. It is Gas Safe Registered. Find more information about bathrooms and water softeners under the Plumbing tab at its website, PlumbGasSolutions.co.uk.

Great White Plumbing is located at 4 Brockhampton, Downhead Park. The phone number is 01908 675459 or 07956 350278 for mobile phone. Great White Plumbing provides bathroom fitting, kitchen fitting and other plumbing services. Find more information about this plumber along with pictures of past work, visit its website at GreatWhitePlumbing.co.uk.