How Do I Plumb in a Washing Machine?

How Do I Plumb in a Washing Machine?

To plumb in a washing machine, you need to connect the drain and level the machine. If you choose a new location, you might also need to get an electrical outlet.

  1. Install the stand pipe

    Install the stand pipe to the P-trap. Now you are able to connect to a vent system. Make sure the stand pipe is larger than the hose. Place the stand pipe above the water level. This way you prevent any water overflow.

  2. Connect the washer supply hoses

    Use water-pump pliers to connect the washer supply hoses. Make sure you install both hot and cold water lines. Test the water lines by turning on the water valves and running the washer. Check to see if there are any leaks. If you find any, tighten the water lines.

  3. Connect the pipe to the drain

    At the back of the washing machine, you can find a flexible hose. Use screws to attach it to the machine.

  4. Level the washing machine

    Plug in the washing machine to the electricity. Next, check to see if the machine is leveled. Some machines have a self-leveling function, and all you have to do is to place them on the ground. Others need to be twisted in a counter-clockwise direction.