How Do You Plumb a Tap?


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When adding a new sink or shower to your home, it's necessary to provide a water supply. The process involves cutting the existing supply lines, installing a tee and routing pipes to the new tap.

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  1. Locate the new fixture

    It's easiest to supply water if the new fixture is on the opposite side of the wall from an existing fixture, allowing you to stub the water supply directly through the wall. However, if this isn't possible, work through the basement or crawlspace to provide water through the floor.

  2. Cut the supply line

    Turn off the water. Use a pipe cutter or hacksaw to cut through the hot and cold water supply lines. Remove any burrs from the cut with emery cloth. Apply flux and solder the tee into place.

  3. Stub the new supply

    Use copper pipe and connectors to build water supply lines to the location of the new tap. Use a drill to cut through walls or floors as necessary. Flux and solder all connections. Use pipe strapping to support the new line if needed.

  4. Install valves

    Install compression-fitting supply valves at the end of each new water line. Turn the valves to the off position. Turn on the water and check for leaks.

  5. Install the new faucet

    Once the new fixture is in place, attach the new faucet. Connect the faucet and supply valves using flexible connectors. Tighten the connection, turn on the valve and check for leaks.

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