How Do You Plumb a House?


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To plumb a house, connect all faucets and appliances to the main water source using PVC pipe. It is necessary to measure connections, such as faucet connections, and drains to find the appropriate pipe and fittings to plumb a home.

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Check local codes and regulations before beginning any plumbing project. Codes and regulations determine which features are required and provide homeowners with a guide for plumbing the home. For instance, the toilet vent is a necessary component of plumbing the home that is dictated by local codes. Do It Yourself states that all drains are connected to a vent to prevent odors in the home.

Connect sinks, appliances, such as washers, and water features in the bathroom into a single network using PVC pipe, then connect the network to the main water supply line using pipe fitting and PVC pipe glue. Two lines are necessary to supply the home with both hot and cold water. The hot water lines connect at the hot water heater.

This Old House states that supply pipes should be anchored to a foundation stud every 6 feet, and the drain pipe needs to be sloped properly to prevent clogs. Measure the drains, and create a second network of PVC pipe to create the drainage system. The main drainage line should gently slope downward to meet the ground outside the home. After the drainage system is installed, connect the network to a septic tank or a city sewage system.

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