How Do You Pluck a Widow's Peak?

How Do You Pluck a Widow's Peak?

The V shape at the top of your hairline has long been associated with early widowhood. All you need to get rid of yours are a pair of slanted tip tweezers, scissors, a face cloth, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls and a bathroom mirror.

  1. Prepare your scalp

    Standing at your bathroom mirror, use your non-dominant hand to pull back the hair. Identify the hairs to be removed; trim them if necessary. Soak a face cloth in hot (not scalding) water; place it on your forehead for a few minutes to open your pores and ease extraction.

  2. Disinfect the tools

    Saturate a cotton ball with alcohol; wipe down the tweezers thoroughly. Dab alcohol on another cotton ball; wipe the skin at and around the apex of your forehead.

  3. Pluck the outer edge first

    Pull back the hair. Hold the skin taut at your widow's peak with your non-dominant hand. Grip the first hair near its root firmly with the tweezers. Pull quickly in the direction of growth (usually away from the face). Repeat, doing a small grouping at a time, and stop after removing every four or five hairs. Step back from the mirror to assess your progress. Repeat until you achieve the desired look. Resist the urge to touch the newly plucked area to reduce redness.