How Do You Get Playdough Out of Carpet?

Remove play dough from carpet by allowing it to dry, vacuuming, placing a cloth dampened in hot water over it to rehydrate, brushing with a stiff brush and then using more play dough to attach to any remaining particles. Once the carpet is dry, vacuum it again.

  1. Remove with a vacuum

    Allow the play dough to dry, and vacuum using a machine with a beater attachment. The attachment helps to break up the clumps of material, and the vacuum picks them up.

  2. Cover with a wet cloth

    Soak a towel in hot water, and wring so it remains damp. Place the towel over the play dough, and allow it to sit for an hour to rehydrate. Use your fingers to remove as much of the material as possible.

  3. Brush with a stiff brush

    Use a stiff brush to help loosen particles from the carpet. Pick them up, and dispose of them in a plastic bag so they do not reattach to the carpet.

  4. Use more play dough

    If the play dough remains on the carpet, use fresh play dough and take a small amount of the modeling clay from the container. Dab any remaining play dough with the fresh material. The stuck play dough sticks to the new material and pulls away from the carpet.