What Is Platinum Appliances?

What Is Platinum Appliances?

Platinum Appliances is a company based out of Australia that sells ovens, cooktops and range hoods. The company does not manufacture the appliances itself. It sells a range of appliances sourced from other manufacturers under the Platinum brand name.

As of 2015, Platinum has two oven models, the 600 fan-forced oven and the 600 multifunction oven. The 600 fan-forced oven has a capacity of 56 liters and a 60-minute timer. The 600 multifunction oven has a programmable digital timer and eight functions.

Platinum's cooktops come in a ceramic, gas or induction hob form. Each cooktop is 600 millimeters in dimension.

The company has a much larger variety of range hoods with standard, slideout, glass canopy, and T-canopy options. It also sells two types of undermount range hoods.

The company previously manufactured a dishwasher, a microwave with a convection grill, and a microwave trim kit. These are no longer being manufactured, but the manuals for these products are still available at the Platinum Appliances website.

Platinum's appliances are sold through the wholesale distributor Nover and are carried by local retail stores throughout Australia. All appliances carry a two-year in-home manufacturer's warranty, with the exception of the microwave, which carries a one-year service center return warranty.