How Do You Plaster Corners?

How Do You Plaster Corners?

Plaster corners by installing a corner bead over the edge. Plaster over the corner bead, allowing the plaster to dry before applying a second finishing coat. This process requires a corner bead, a hand saw, a drill, screws and a trowel.

  1. Measure and cut the corner bead

    Measure the length of the corner to be plastered. Use a hand saw to cut the corner bead to the correct length.

  2. Attach the corner bead

    Predrill through the holes in the corner bead, and attach the corner bead to the wall using screws. Make sure the corner bead fits tightly against the wall. Slightly recess the screws into the wall.

  3. Apply the plaster

    Use a trowel to apply plaster to the corner, holding the trowel against the edge of the corner bead and sweeping backward for the smoothest application. Aim for an even thickness.

  4. Apply a second coat

    Apply a second, thinner coat of plaster over the first layer using a clean trowel.

  5. Smooth the plaster

    Allow the plaster to dry for approximately 30 minutes. Smooth over the plaster with a clean, damp trowel, filling in any holes or depressions. Dampen the plaster with a spray bottle or wet brush if necessary.