What Are Some Plants That Do Well in Shaded Areas?


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Some plants that do well in shaded areas include perennials like hostas, brunnera, hellebore and toad lily. Some shade-loving annuals are begonia, polka dot plant and impatiens. Serviceberry, oakleaf hydrangea and red chokeberry are shrubs that thrive in low light.

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Hostas are easy to grow, and the leaves come in a wide variety of both solid colors and variegated patterns. The spring blooming brunnera also has large, textured leaves. One of the earliest bloomers of the season, hellebore thrives in shade and bears pink, cream, burgundy, green or white flowers. Toad lilies resemble orchids and bloom in the fall.

Begonias have shiny leaves in green or bronze. They bloom freely, and the flowers are orange, pink, red and white. The polka dot plant has green leaves spotted with bright pink splashes and is popular as an accent plant. Impatiens are one of the most popular shade plants, and the flowers come in a variety of shapes. This plant needs little care and is beautiful in mass plantings, according to the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Serviceberry is a compact shrub that bears edible berries in June. Oak leaf hydrangea is a shade-loving shrub with white blooms that turn pink as the summer ends. Good for poor, dry soil, the red chokeberry bears small white flowers and red berries.

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