What Plants Require Extra Large Garden Pots?

What Plants Require Extra Large Garden Pots?

Some plants that require extra-large pots include the Norfolk pine, Chinese evergreen and Dracaena, notes BHG.com. Each of these plants grows well indoors or outdoors.

The Norfolk pine needs an extra-large pot because it grows up to 10 feet tall and five feet wide. This pine is popular around the Christmas season as a miniature holiday tree that can later be transplanted outside.

The Chinese evergreen is a popular choice for low-light areas of the home. Although primarily used outside, the Chinese evergreen needs an extra-large pot for growing indoors. This plant grows to around three feet tall and three feet wide. It should be noted that the Chinese evergreen is poisonous to people and animals, however, reveals BHG.com.

Dracaena plants grow to a height of around 10 feet and can be three feet wide. It needs an extra-large pot because of its size, which can be controlled by cutting back the cane to a foot or two above the soil. The Dracaena plant is poisonous to dogs and resembles a corn stalk.

The fiddle leaf fig is another plant that requires an extra-large pot. With proper care, the fiddle leaf fig grows to a height of around 15 feet and is about five feet wide. The fiddle leaf fig requires medium-to-bright light and a temperature of about 70 F.