What Plants Are Grown in Singapore?


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Cattails and Water Hyacinths are plants that are grown in Singapore. Both plants grow in stagnant water with floating roots that are unattached to the ground.

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What Plants Are Grown in Singapore?
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Water Hyacinths are native to the Amazon in South America where they provide food for natural predators. The vociferous growth of these plants is held in check by the voracious appetites of these predators, as well as annual flooding that flushes huge quantities of the plants out to sea. In Singapore, Hyacinths are cultivated for pig food, although they are notorious for causing serious problems in reservoirs. This fast growing plant soon turns into a noxious weed. When grown outside its natural habitat, it spreads rapidly, causing a dense mat that blocks light and air from reaching other forms of life. For this reason there are ongoing studies on how to utilize Hyacinths to detoxify sludge and sewage.

Typha augustifolia is the only cattail that is native to Singapore and grows on the edges of reservoirs in stagnant water. This type of cattail has adapted to deep water conditions as well as salt water conditions and can grow up to 1.7 meters tall. This strain of cattail has tall, narrow leaves and produces more seeds than cattails with underground roots.

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