Which Plants Grow Well in a Small Garden?


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Plants that can grow well in small gardens include tomatoes, lettuces, herbs and flowers such as dahlias and sweet peas. Certain types of heirloom potatoes are also ideal to grow because they take up less space than other common potatoes and are not readily available at the market.

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Which Plants Grow Well in a Small Garden?
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The ideal for a small garden is growing plants that are suitable for the space and that produce fruit or flowers that the gardener and his family love. Cherry tomatoes are the best type to grow in small gardens because of their relatively small size and because the vines are good climbers, so building a sturdy trellis for the plants is important. Lettuces for different seasons are ideal for the small garden, including spring lettuces such as the freckles variety; the Israeli Jericho variety for the summer, which is a type of heat-tolerant Romaine; and another type of Romaine, winter density, for fall harvesting.

The gardener with a small plot can harvest herbs such as parsley, cilantro and chives every three weeks. Planting herbs such as mint and rosemary in pots saves room in the small garden. Flowers such as dahlias on the border and sweet peas on a trellis can add great color to a garden.

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