What Are Some Plants That Grow Well in Full Sunlight?


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Plants that grow well in full sunlight include yarrow, Shasta daisy, purple coneflower, coreopsis, sedum, verbena, aster, bee balm and lamb's ear. The best way to select plants for any garden is to choose plants that are native or adaptable to the weather, water, soil and climate of the specific area. If growing indoors, consider the plant's location within the home or greenhouse.

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Plants that grow well in full sunlight include herbs, border plants, annuals and perennials. Sun-loving plants are also more resistant to arid or harsh conditions. Plants that are potted in containers or indoors have a better chance of thriving if they are drought-tolerant.

Potted plants are often labeled as to whether their ideal conditions include a sunny, partially sunny, partially shady or shady environment or a combination of these conditions. Full sun is defined as having at least six hours of direct sunlight. The amount of sunlight helps with the specific needs of the plant's photosynthesis. When choosing plants and plant locations, consider the climate; the sun may be hotter in certain parts of the country during certain seasons. A plant hardiness chart according to climate zone within the country can be a helpful resource and is available online from USDA.gov.

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