What Plants Grow in Rocky Soil?

plants-grow-rocky-soil Credit: fsnorthernregion/Flickr/CC-BY-3.0

The proper expert recommended care for perennials using rocky soil. Successful yielding options include sea thrift with grass-like foliage and soft blooms ranging from white to pink to lilac, and columbine with fern-like foliage, and distinctive spiky purple and white flowers. Both plants are hardy in a variety of climate zones.

Rock gardens with decorative features and hardy plants are a great choice for areas with rocky soil. Sea thrift does well in areas near the ocean with salt breezes and the windy conditions associated with the shore. Columbine is a great choice for shaded rocky patches and also does well at high altitudes and in colder climates.

Candytuft, coral bells, ice plant and moss phlox all do well in rocky soil with full sun. Candytuft is drought resistant and produces an abundance of pretty white flowers throughout the spring. Coral bells come in a variety of heights and foliage colors, including traditional green, lime green and variegated varieties with various combinations of gold, rose and purple.

Shade-loving plants that grow well in rocky soil include astilbe, bleeding heart and violets. Astilbe's feathery purple flowers soften rocky areas and add a contrasting feature to rock gardens. Rocky soil provides some advantages to the gardener. It drains well and minimizes garden pests.