What Are Some of the Best Plants to Grow Indoors?


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Good plants to grow indoors include aloe, spider plants, English ivy, jade plant, rubber tree, peace lily, snake plant, bamboo palm, philodendron and red edged dracaena. They are all easy to grow and stay at a size that is suitable for indoors.

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What Are Some of the Best Plants to Grow Indoors?
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There are some plants that like dry soil and require very little maintenance. This includes plants such as aloe and jade. Plants that require a bit more watering but are still easy to grow include bamboo palms and philodendrons.

One of the most important things to consider when getting an indoor plant is lighting. Some need lots of direct sunlight. Examples of this type of plant include aloe, jade and the red edged dracaena. Other plants do well in lower lighting conditions. One of the best low light plants is the peace lily, but other options include spider plants, rubber trees, snake plants and philodendrons. For homes and other locations with cooler temperatures, consider an English ivy plant as it does better when it is cool. Snake plants are one plant that can grow almost anywhere.

If a hanging plant is desired, spider plants are a good choice. If a larger plant is required, options such as the rubber tree or the red edged dracaena work well.

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