Do Plantation Shutters Generally Receive Positive Reviews?


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Generally, plantation shutters are positively reviewed. Wooden plantation shutters have a natural strength and come in a greater variety of sizes and shapes. Experts suggest using wooden shutters for large windows because they don’t sag or bend.

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Kiln-dried wood shutters are stronger and lighter than those made of poly vinyl. While they are more costly, they are also positively reviewed for their durability and long lifespan. Some consumer reviews on HorizoneShutters.com praised the wooden shutters for a perfect fit, a beautiful flawless finish and excellent construction. Wooden shutters come pre-painted and stained and should be professionally installed.

Plantation shutters made with vinyl or polyvinyl are less expensive and are mass produced. They offer good protection and insulation from heat and cold. Unlike wood, shutters made from vinyl don’t warp or suffer insect damage. One drawback of vinyl shutters is that they are not suitable for windows over 29 inches wide. They require support or divider rails that can interfere with the traditional look of the shutters. They also come in a limited variety of neutral tones and can’t be painted or refinished.

At BlindsGalore.com, reviewers were positive about the cost of vinyl shutters, the ease of installation and shutters' overall look.

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