How Do You Plant a White Hosta?


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Plant a white hosta in rich, well-draining soil with the right mix of sun and shade. Water it well, feed it with fertilizer and protect it from pests that can cause damage, such as slugs.

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  1. Choose a suitable location

    Select a location where the plant can get sunlight and shade. In cooler northern climates, a hosta needs more sunlight, while in warmer southern areas, more shade is beneficial.

  2. Prepare the soil

    Till the soil bed to a depth of 16 inches. Prepare the soil before planting by mixing organic elements, such as manure, compost and leaf mold, in the top 6 inches. Although hostas grow well in a range of soil conditions, the soil needs to drain well.

  3. Plant the hosta

    Hosta roots expand horizontally, so dig a wide hole 1 foot deep. Remove the plant from its container, and gently shake loose any soil from the roots. Place the hosta in the hole at the same level as it was in the container. The point where the leaves begin should be just above ground level after filling in the soil.

  4. Water and fertilize the plant

    Give the hosta plenty of water right after planting it. Water the plant well at least once a week. Leaves droop if the plant is not well-watered. Fertilize the plant three to four times a year.

  5. Protect the plant from pests

    Slugs are particularly attracted to hosta plants. To deter them, spread a layer of crushed eggshells or diatomaceous earth around the plants.

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