When Do You Plant Wheat?


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Depending on the variety of wheat, it is planted either in April and May or in August through October. Once planted in the fall, winter wheat thrives during the colder months and reaches harvest growth between May and July. Spring wheat runs from April to September for planting and harvesting.

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Winter wheat contributes to most of the wheat production in the United States, thriving in Washington, Kansas and Texas. To plant winter wheat, farmers choose a variety to stand up to the climate of their locations. For instance, those living in North Dakota should plant either Radiant, Jerry or Peregrine winter wheat, because these varieties stand up to the harsher northern winters. Nebraska winter wheat doesn't need to be so hardy.

Before seeding the area, gardeners who want to plant wheat can prepare the soil with a phosphorus fertilizer. Digging holes that are between 1 and 1 1/2 inches deep, they plant the seeds. If the soil is dry, it's best to plant the seeds shallowly so that they can take advantage of rain and germinate more quickly, before temperatures drop. Making sure that there are no nearby cereal crops growing within two weeks of planting, a practice known as "breaking the green bridge," keeps mites from spreading from the cereal crop to the winter wheat crop and spreading disease.

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