How Do You Plant Virginia Creeper in a Tub?


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Plant Virginia creeper in a tub by starting a new plant, preparing the tub, transplanting the vine and adding a trellis. Water and fertilize the tub regularly to ensure proper growth.

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  1. Start a new plant

    Take a healthy cutting that is several inches long and includes new growth that is starting to harden. Strip the bottom leaves, and dip the cut end in rooting hormone. Push about half the length of the cutting into the potting mix until it roots.

  2. Prepare the potting mix

    Prepare the tub by drilling several drainage holes in the bottom. Add potting mix that includes one-half top soil and one-half peat moss or compost. Add limestone and 5-10-10 fertilizer to the potting mix.

  3. Transplant the Virginia creeper

    The new plant is ready to transplant within a few weeks of starting. It should have roots that are at least 1 inch long. The tub should be in a bright, sunny location. Keep the soil moist as the transplant continues to grow.

  4. Add a trellis

    Virginia creeper is a climbing vine, so support it by adding a trellis, or allow the vine to cascade over the sides of the tub. Keep in mind that the vines can start new plants when they are in contact with the soil.

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