How Do You Plant Tulip Bulbs?


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To plant tulips, deeply bury the bulbs in a sunny, well-drained location. Plant in the fall, and bury the bulbs immediately after purchasing them to prevent deterioration.

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  1. Prepare the bed

    Choose an area that has full sun and one that provides enough space to place the bulbs 4 to 6 inches apart. Till the soil, and add sand or pine bark to promote drainage. Do not water the bed at this point.

  2. Plant the bulbs

    Plant when the soil is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit and when a hard frost is about six to eight weeks away. The cold weather is necessary for the tulips to thrive. With the bulb's pointed end facing up, plant the bulb at least 8 inches below the surface as measured from the bulb's base. Cover the bulbs, water and add fertilizer. Further watering is necessary only during times of extremely low rainfall.

  3. Remove spent blooms

    Remove the spent blooms after flowering, but leave the greenery in place because it continues to feed the new bulbs that split off from the old bulb. Wait about six weeks for the foliage to turn yellow, and then cut the plant down to its base. Leave the bulbs in the ground to produce more tulips next season.

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