How Do I Plant Tomatoes in a Fiber Planter?


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Fiber pots are useful for starting tomato plants. With only starter mix or potting soil in the fiber pots, tomatoes can take root and grow to the seedling stage. Fiber pots allow for easy transplanting of tomato plants into the ground or into larger planters.

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To start a tomato in a fiber pot, fill it with starter mix or potting soil. Some gardeners may want to add fertilizer as well. Plant at least two seeds in each fiber pot. Once the seedlings are around 3 inches tall and have some sturdy leaves on them, they are ready to be transplanted.

After the hole for the plant is dug, tear down the side of the fiber pot, and open the bottom. If the roots have already begun growing through the fiber pot, be sure not to tear through them. After transplanting, the fiber planter deteriorates in the ground. This method of transplanting significantly reduces the shock to the plants and is also more environmentally friendly.

Tomatoes do not have to be transplanted into the ground and can be grown successfully instead in large planters. However, tomatoes need a porous container to grow in. Fiber pots work well for this and are often easier for the gardener to use as well.

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