How Do You Plant Sweet Potatoes?

How Do You Plant Sweet Potatoes?

How Do You Plant Sweet Potatoes?

Plant sweet potatoes by preparing the potato slips, preparing the soil and planting the slips. You need sweet potatoes, water, jars, bowls, toothpicks, a hoe, a hand trowel and a planting area.

  1. Prepare the sweet potato

    Obtain a sweet potato, which can grow up to 50 slips, or sweet potato sprouts. Wash the potato, and cut it in half.

  2. Store the sweet potato pieces

    Place toothpicks in the sweet potato pieces. Fill a jar with water. Place the sweet potato piece on the lip of the jar so that half of the piece is submerged in water. Place the jar in a location where it can receive plenty of light and warmth.

  3. Root the slips

    Once the sweet potato sprouts, remove the sprouts or slips. Place one sprout in a bowl of water so that the bottom is covered, and wait for the slip to grow roots.

  4. Prepare the soil

    Use well-drained soil for the planting area. The soil also needs to be loose, so till the top 10 inches of soil.

  5. Dig a hole for the slip

    Dig a hole that is at least 3 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep.

  6. Plant the slip

    Place the root end of the slip inside the hole. Fill in the hole with dirt.