How Do You Plant Sweet Corn?

How Do You Plant Sweet Corn?

To plant sweet corn, fertilize the plot, shape the soil into hills, plant five seeds per hill, add mulch, water and fertilize the corn, and then harvest it. This process takes two to three months. You need compost, a trowel, corn seeds, mulch and a drip irrigation system.

  1. Fertilize the plot

    Increase the nitrogen content of the soil by adding 20 to 30 pounds of compost per 100 square feet of land.

  2. Form the corn hills

    Form the soil into small hills 4 feet apart. To maximize cross-pollination, arrange the hills into a grid formation.

  3. Plant the corn

    Plant five seeds per hill of soil.

  4. Add mulch

    Spread a thin layer of mulch between the hills. If you don't have mulch, use grass cuttings.

  5. Water the corn

    Water the corn using a drip irrigation system. Place the irrigation tubes at the base of the corn stalks. Fertilize the corn 30 days after planting, and repeat once the stalks sprout tassels.

  6. Pick the corn

    Once an ear of corn develops brown silk, pierce a kernel with your fingernail. If the kernel emits a cloudy white fluid, it is ready for picking. Harvest ripe corn immediately, since overripe ears lose their sweetness.