How Do You Plant St. Augustine Grass Seed?

How Do You Plant St. Augustine Grass Seed?

To plant St. Augustine grass seed, choose a humid location, prepare the soil, spread the grass seed, rake and roll the area, and mulch and water the seed. The seed should be planted in late spring or early summer. You need a rake, a lawn roller, St. Augustine grass seed, mulch, compost and water.

  1. Plant at the right place

    Plant St. Augustine grass seed in a humid location with a Mediterranean-like climate.

  2. Plant at the right time

    Plant the grass seed during the late spring or early summer after the last frost of the season.

  3. Prepare the soil

    Till the soil of the plant site, raking or breaking up large clumps of dirt. Work compost into the soil before leveling it and rolling a weighted lawn roller over it.

  4. Plant the grass seed

    Divide 1/3 pound of seed for every 1,000 square feet in half. Sow half the seed in one direction, and spread the other half at a right angle to the first half.

  5. Rake the soil

    Rake the soil again, following it up with another pass of the weighted lawn roller.

  6. Mulch the area

    Mulch the grass seed with a layer of wheat straw or a seed blanket. This keeps the seed in place until it germinates.

  7. Water the grass seed

    Water the grass seed immediately after planting several times a day until the roots grow.