How Do You Plant Sedum Dragon's Blood?


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Sedum 'Dragon's Blood" can be grown from seedlings, cuttings and divisions. However, planting cuttings and divisions require a parent plant, so focus first on establishing the sedum by sowing seeds indoors in small pots. This project requires seeds, potting soil, pots and a flat shovel.

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  1. Plant the seeds

    Using 4-inch pots and well-drained potting soil, plant the seeds up to two months before the last frost of the season. Because the seeds are very small, sprinkle them on the soil without covering them up with dirt. Keep the pots indoors to protect them from the cold.

  2. Transplant the seedlings

    Transplant the seedlings to bigger 2-inch pots. Wait until the seedlings start growing many sets of leaves before transplanting. Allow them to grow in the bigger pots until they completely fill them before transplanting them outside.

  3. Move the plants to their final location

    Once the plants outgrow their pots, move them outside to their final location. Make sure the last frost of the season has passed. Use the flat shovel to firmly press them into the earth.

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