When Do You Plant Rye Grass in Texas?

The best time to plant rye grass is in the early fall when the temperature is warm during the day but cools off at night. To plant a successful rye grass lawn, caretakers must make sure the seeds make direct contact with the soil and are properly watered/fertilized.

A person should rake the existing lawn to remove any debris and then cut it low to the ground. He can sow his seeds at a rate of 10 pounds per every 1000 square feet. It's best to set a seeder to 5 pounds per 1000 square feet, going over the area twice in perpendicular directions. After seeding, he needs to immediately water the lawn. Rye grass must be watered and well fertilized. However, over watering and fertilization can cause diseases in plants.

Aside from being used as a cool-season lawn, rye grass is also used as sporting turf and certain types of rye grass can be used in farm lands. Its long grow time and almost invasive nature make it a good candidate for grazing and high traffic areas. Rye grass has been used as hay, silage and in weed prevention methods such as row cropping. In row cropping, farmers plant rye grass between the rows of their main crop to provide early coverage and fertilizer when mowed.