How Do You Plant Roses?

To plant roses, dig an appropriate-size hole, and add in a small amount of bonemeal fertilizer and soil conditioners. Place the rose plant into the hole so that the crown is an inch below the soil. Water the rose plant a few times a week.

  1. Dig a hole

    Choose a sunny area of your yard, and dig a hole slightly larger than the pot size or root system of the rose plant.

  2. Add fertilizer and soil conditioners

    Add some bonemeal fertilizer and peat moss or compost to the hole. Mix in some of the removed soil with more peat moss or compost.

  3. Place the rose plant

    Remove the rose plant from its pot or packaging, and place it carefully in the hole. If the rose plant came with bare roots, soak the roots for several hours before planting. Shovel in all but an inch of the removed soil, pressing it in firmly to hold the plant in place.

  4. Water the rose plant

    Water the soil around the rose plant, and allow it to drain a bit, then add the rest of the soil. Make sure the crown of the plant sits about 1 inch below the soil. Water the rose plant a few times a week to keep the soil moist.