How Do You Plant a Rosebud Tree?

How Do You Plant a Rosebud Tree?

How Do You Plant a Rosebud Tree?

A shovel, garden lime, mulch and an organic fertilizer are needed to plant a rosebud tree. It is necessary to choose an appropriate area to plant the tree and prepare the soil before transplanting. A small tree can be transplanted in less than an hour.

  1. Choose the location for the tree

    Rosebud trees require partial shade in the afternoon, and they should be planted at least 6 feet away from homes or other structures.

  2. Amend the soil

    Mix the soil with lime if the pH of the soil is under 7.5, and mix natural fertilizer, such as compost, into the soil surrounding the area where the tree is planted. Remove enough soil to create a hole that is about triple the size of the tree's root ball.

  3. Transplant the rosebud tree

    Remove the container or wrapping from the root ball of the rosebud tree, and gently remove excess dirt around the outside of the roots. Plant the tree at least 2 feet deep, then cover it with soil, and water it thoroughly.

  4. Apply compost and mulch around the tree's base

    Apply a layer of compost around the base of the tree, and then add a 3-to-4-inch layer of mulch over the compost.