How Do You Plant Rhubarb?


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Plant rhubarb in a sunny location after preparing the soil by adding compost and fertilizer. Add mulch to the plant after the first shoots appear, and protect the plant from frost damage. Rhubarb can be harvested the third year after planting.

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  1. Prepare the soil

    Choose a location that receives full sun to partial shade, and loosen the soil to a depth of 10 inches. Mix 3 inches of compost and the recommended amount of fertilizer into the soil the season before planting rhubarb. Because rhubarb is a perennial, it should be planted in a location that allows the plant to grow for several seasons without interruption.

  2. Plant the rhubarb

    Plant the rhubarb crowns every 2 feet, and cover each crown with up to 2 inches of loose soil. Use irrigation to keep the soil moist throughout the growing season. Surround each plant with a layer of mulch after the plant begins to sprout.

  3. Provide care

    Rhubarb should be well-tended until it is established. Remove the flowers from the stalks during the first year of growth, and avoid harvesting the plant until the second or third year after planting. Protect the plant from frost, and do not eat frost-damaged stalks that are soft, as damaged rhubarb may be toxic to consume.

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