How Do You Plant Podocarpus?

How Do You Plant Podocarpus?

To plant a podocarpus tree, place the plant's root ball in the center of a hole that is free of debris, twice as wide as the ball's diameter and equal to its depth away from stationary structures and other plants. Fill the hole halfway with soil, tamp down, water and wait until the water soaks through, then fill the hole completely with dirt. Spread a layer of mulch 1 to 3 inches thick over the soil, states Learn2Grow.

Podocarpus trees, commonly known as the Maki Yew Pine, flourish in hot, humid regions. Follow these steps to plant this tree.

  1. Prepare the soil
  2. Clear the ground of debris, and dig a hole that is twice as wide as the podocarpus root ball and only deep enough for it to fit into.

  3. Trim and loosen root ball
  4. Use pruning shears to remove any dead or broken roots. Loosen the bottom roots and the surrounding soil.

  5. Place root ball in the ground
  6. Place the root ball level with the ground or no more than a half inch above. Spread the roots outward.

  7. Fill the hole
  8. Fill the hole with lightly amended native soil. Water the area to set the soil.

  9. Cover the soil with mulch
  10. Spread bark or leaf mulch over the soil with a thickness of 1 to 3 inches. Do not pile the mulch around the trunk of the plant.