How Do You Plant a Pineapple?


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Plant a pineapple by removing the flesh of the fruit and the bottom leaves before planting the top of the fruit in the soil. The pineapple may be planted outdoors in the ground or indoors in a pot.

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  1. Obtain a mature pineapple or suckers

    Purchase a mature pineapple from the supermarket. If available, use suckers from another plant instead of a mature pineapple. Suckers tend to produce fruit faster than plants grown from the tops of pineapples.

  2. Remove the top of the pineapple

    Cut the top away from the fruit of the plant. Remove any remaining flesh from the bottom of the leaves. Peel away and discard any small leaves from the base of the plant top.

  3. Allow the pineapple top to cure

    Place the pineapple top in a dry location for one or two days. This gives the top time to cure.

  4. Plant the pineapple

    Create a small hole in the soil for the pineapple top. Press the top firmly into the hole. Back fill the hole until the top is seated in the soil. Adjust the top and soil as needed to make sure the pineapple top is sitting straight up in the hole. Water the plant if the soil is dry.

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