How Do You Plant a Persian Buttercup?


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Persian buttercups grow from tubers. In warmer climates, plant them as overnight temperatures begin to drop for an early display of flowers. In areas where temperatures drop low enough to damage the tubers, store them indoors, and plant them as the soil temperatures begin to warm, but expect the flowers at a later date.

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How Do You Plant a Persian Buttercup?
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  1. Prepare the planting area

    Choose a well-drained area. Till the top 18 inches of soil, mixing in 4 inches of peat moss or compost to prepare the planting bed. If the soil is heavy, amend it by adding sand to increase drainage to prevent tubers from rotting. The resulting bed should be a few inches above the surrounding ground level to improve drainage.

  2. Plant the tuber

    Plant the tubers 2 to 3 inches deep in the bed. Place the tuber's claws facing down, and space the plants at 4 to 8 inch intervals. Pack the soil using your hand to eliminate any air pockets that increase the chance of rotting.

  3. Provide water

    Water the tubers once planting is completed. Add mulch to prevent evaporation. Water weekly until growth appears. Once plants emerge, water sparingly, providing enough moisture to prevent the leaves from wilting.

  4. Remove spent plants

    Gardeners generally remove spent plants and replace the tubers when it is time to plant again. While the tubers survive in mild climates, Persian buttercups don't fare as well, being perennials.

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