How Do You Plant Periwinkle for Ground Cover?

How Do You Plant Periwinkle for Ground Cover?

How Do You Plant Periwinkle for Ground Cover?

Plant periwinkle for ground cover by choosing a location, preparing a soil bed, planting rooted cuttings and watering them well. You need a spade, compost, mulch and cuttings ready for planting.

  1. Choose a suitable location

    Plant periwinkles in well-draining soil with partial to full shade. Full sunlight damages the leaves. Use periwinkle for ornamental ground cover and to help control erosion. Be sure it is in an area that is easy to control, as it grows quickly and crowds out other plants.

  2. Prepare the soil

    Break up the soil to a depth of 6 inches, and clear away any weeds, stones and other debris. Mix some compost, peat moss and manure into the soil to improve its nutrient content.

  3. Plant the periwinkle

    Dig holes the same size as the nursery containers about 12 to 18 inches apart. Remove the plants from the containers, gently loosen the soil from the roots, and place them into the holes. Cover the roots with soil, and press the soil down with your fingers, ensuring that the bases of the plants are level with the soil's surface. Deter weeds by applying a 1 to 2 inch layer of mulch between the plants.

  4. Water the plants

    Water the periwinkle well after planting. To prevent fungal growth due to wet foliage, run water onto the ground around the plants rather than on the plants themselves.