How Do You Plant Peonies?


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Plant peonies in a location with well-drained, rich soil and full sun during autumn, and cover the plants with mulch before the first frost of winter. During spring, remove the mulch, and water the plant thoroughly. After blooming, deadhead the flowers and provide the plant with fertilizer.

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  1. Prepare the soil

    In early autumn, choose a sunny location with good soil drainage. Amend the soil with bonemeal and compost before backfilling to ensure the peonies thrive. If the soil is acidic, add limestone before planting the flowers.

  2. Plant the peonies

    Plant peonies 3 to 4 feet apart in late September, with the eyes of the plant pointing upward. Cover the plant with 1 to 1 1/2 inches of loose soil, and water the flowers regularly until the first frost of winter. After the first frost, cover the peonies with 4 inches of mulch.

  3. Provide care for the plants

    Remove the mulch, and water the flowers after the last expected frost of the season. Peonies require moist soil during the spring and summer months, and should be fertilized with compost or bonemeal each year after blooming. After the peonies bloom, deadhead the flowers by cutting them directly above a healthy leaf set on the stalk.

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