How Do You Plant Papaya Seeds?


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Plant seeds from a papaya fruit or store-bought seeds in a soil that is rich in nutrients. If you are growing papaya indoors, transplant the seedlings to a large container, and place them in full sunlight. Cull the weaker plants, water the plants daily, and fertilize them regularly. Papaya plants bear fruit within 10 months of planting.

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How Do You Plant Papaya Seeds?
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  1. Obtain the seeds

    Use seeds harvested from a papaya fruit or store-bought papaya seeds for growing papaya plants. To harvest seeds from a fruit, collect the seeds, and spread them out on a paper towel. Allow the seeds to dry naturally before planting them.

  2. Sprout the seeds

    To grow papaya as a house plant, sprout the seeds by placing them in seedling starting soil. Ensure that the soil is moist and warm. Transplant the seedlings to a large container once the seeds sprout. To plant the seeds in a garden, sprinkle the seeds directly on the soil in an area that gets ample sunlight. Cover them lightly with compost. The seeds take a few weeks to germinate.

  3. Cull the weak plants

    Male papaya plants do not bear fruits. Cull the weak plants and the male plants by pulling them out of the soil or by cutting them down to the ground.

  4. Care for the plants

    Water the plants daily. Avoid excessive watering. Fertilize the plants regularly with chicken manure, compost or a complete fertilizer. Ripe fruits are ready for harvesting about 10 months after planting. Save the seeds from the tastiest fruits for planting the next batch of plants.

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