How Do You Plant Onion Sets?


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Plant onion sets by tilling the soil and then pushing the sets into the earth until only the point shows at the top. Plant bulbs 3 inches apart in wide rows with five bulbs across. Use a hoe to firm up the soil after planting, and then water well.

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  1. Prepare the soil

    Till the soil, and remove large rocks. Add fertilizer or compost if the soil is poor.

  2. Mark the row

    Push a row marker into the soil at each end of the row to guide your planting.

  3. Push the sets into the earth, pointy side up

    Plant the sets in a row 15 inches wide with five sets across. Allow 3 inches between sets in all directions to provide room for the growing onion. Push the sets into the loose soil until only the tip of the pointy end shows. Plant smaller sets a little deeper. Make sure the root end has firm contact with the soil.

  4. Press the soil down with a hoe

    Use a hoe to tap the soil firmly into place around the sets.

  5. Water the plant

    Water the freshly planted sets with a garden hose or a sprinkler. Water regularly until the sets have sent up green shoots and are established.

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