How Do You Plant Onion Bulbs?


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Planting onion bulbs requires choosing the ideal location, planting at the right time and providing enough nourishment and nutrients for the plants. Onion bulbs are available in two categories: long-day, such as the yellow sweet Spanish onion, and short-day, such as the Stuttgarter.

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How Do You Plant Onion Bulbs?
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Follow certain steps to ensure a good onion crop.

  1. Choosing the perfect location
  2. Onion plants need to be in a place where they can get plenty of sun throughout the day so choose a location without taller plants to interfere with the amount of sunlight the onions will get. Then, choose a place that has loose soil that is not too moist and has aged manure.
  3. Onions need nourishment
  4. The next step is to till the soil and to add fertilizer. It is best to do this before planting by at least a few months. Onions require lots of sustenance in order to thrive.
  5. Plant at the right time
  6. Because of the onion plant's need for nutrients, it is best to plant them at the beginning of the planting season in late March, if possible. The temperature should be above 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The plants should be set 1 inch into the soil, as any deeper and the onion is likely to have growth problems, and should have 4 to 6 inches between the individual plants. It is also recommended to practice "crop rotation."
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