How Do You Plant a Norfolk Pine Outdoors?

When planting a Norfolk pine tree outdoors, choose a location with full sunlight and average, well-drained soil. To avoid stress to the tree, plant the Norfolk pine during the spring when temperatures are warm. Because Norfolk pines are a tropical plant and do not tolerate cold temperatures well, do not plant them outdoors in cold climates. Norfolk pines generally do well when planted outdoors in warmer locations, such as southern Florida, California and Hawaii.

Even if you can't plant the Norfolk pine outside permanently, place it outdoors during periods of mild weather. Position the plant in a shady location for a few days, then move it to a bright, sunny area. Placing the plant immediately in the bright sun may result in a sunburned Norfolk pine.

While indoors, the Norfolk pine prefers locations with plenty of sunlight, such as in front of a south-facing window. Because it is a tropical plant, it also likes high humidity levels and moist soil. To achieve this, use a humidifier near the tree, or mist the tree weekly. Water the Norfolk pine tree when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Norfolk pines may exhibit dry or yellow needles if they do not receive enough water or humidity.