How Do You Plant a Moringa Tree?


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Plant a moringa tree by choosing a good location, digging a large hole and watering the tree well immediately following planting. You can choose between planting a seed or cutting or transplanting a tree.

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How Do You Plant a Moringa Tree?
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To plant a moringa tree via seed, choose a location with sandy, well-drained soil. Till the soil 1 foot deep to loosen it, and amend with compost or manure. Place three seeds 2 inches apart and 1/2 inch deep in each 1-square-foot area. Water the seeds immediately, and keep the soil moist but not wet. Thin out the trees once they reach 6 inches in height.

Plant a moringa tree cutting by removing a 6-feet-long, 1-inch-wide cutting from a healthy tree and placing it in an area filled with sandy soil mixed with composted manure. Place the cutting 3 feet deep, and pack the soil around the base with the soil domed around it. Water the cutting without splashing it.

In order to transplant a moringa tree seedling, prepare the planting site with a mixture of loose, well-drained oil and compost. If the soil is heavy, clear out 1 cubic foot of soil, and amend it with sand and compost. Remove the seedling from its container, being gentle with the roots, and place it in the planting hole. Fill in the hole around the roots, and press it in around the base of the plant. Water the plant lightly upon first transplanting it.

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