How Do You Plant Moringa Olefiera Seeds?

Moringa olefiera seeds have no dormancy period and can be planted as soon as they are mature. It is best to plant them directly in the ground and not to transplant the seedling because they are fragile and cannot survive transplantation. The moringas bloom about eight months after planting.

  1. Prepare the soil

    Choose an area that has light and sandy soil, not heavy soil consisting of clay or soil that is water-logged. Dig holes that are 1-foot square and 1-foot deep. Back-fill the holes with loose soil, adding compost and manure to promote growth. If the soil is heavy, dig a larger hole of up to 3 feet in diameter and depth, and back-fill with one part sand and two parts original soil.

  2. Plant the seeds

    Plant three to five seeds in each hole, about 2 inches apart. Plant them no deeper than three times the width of the seed, which is approximately the size of your thumbnail. Keep the soil moist enough that the top soil neither dries nor becomes too wet so the seeds do not drown and rot.

  3. Care for the sapling

    When the saplings are 4 to 6 inches tall, keep the healthiest sapling in the ground, and remove the rest. This is to protect the remaining sapling from termites and nematodes that can kill it.