How Do You Plant a Mango Seed?


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Mangoes are easy to grow from seeds, and may be planted while the seed is still within the tough outer husk or it can be removed from the husk and planted in a starter mix in a big pot. Mango seeds may also be germinated prior to planting; this can be done by leaving the seeds in a moist area and then the seedlings that sprout from it can be planted.

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Mango trees can be grown from seeds or grafted from mangoes that already bear fruit. Grafted mangoes take only 3 to 4 years to bear fruit. On the other hand, mango trees that are grown from seeds will take 5 to 8 years before bearing fruit.

Despite the longer time it takes for mangoes that are grown from seeds to bear fruit, there are several advantages to growing this tree from seedlings. Mangoes grown from seeds develop a strong root system and the tree also tends to be bigger and stronger than the grafted variety.

Mangoes are exclusively tropical fruit trees. They thrive well in a warm and sunny environment. When choosing a location to plant a mango tree, allow for ample space, as mango trees can grow very wide and can cast a large shade. Mango trees are ideally planted in a sunny area on well-drained soil, clay or sandy loam.

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