How Do You Plant a Majesty Palm Indoors?


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A majesty palm is a warm-climate tree that can be grown indoors. At full maturity, they can reach 15 to 20 feet in height. The first steps to growing a majesty palm are providing the proper soil and light and watering conditions for the plant.

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  1. Pot the majesty palm

    A majesty palm grows best in a peat-based mix of soil, with lots of drainage to prevent root rot. A palm also performs best when its roots are slightly crowded, so it may be best to keep your majesty palm in its nursery container at first. Simply place the nursery container inside a larger pot for decorative purposes. Once the majesty palm outgrows its nursery container or original pot, it can be replanted in a pot one size larger.

  2. Find an optimal location

    Bright, indirect sunlight works best for majesty palms. Intense sunlight may scorch the leaves, so an east-facing window or a spot 3 to 5 feet away from a sunny window is a recommended location. Majesty palms should also be protected from cold air drafts, such as those near doors, windows or air conditioning vents. Although a majesty palm can tolerate lower temperatures, the plant prefers normal room temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. Water and feed the majesty palm

    A majesty palm should be watered whenever the surface of the soil is slightly dry to the touch. The soil should never become completely dry, nor should the soil be left soggy. The plant should be watered enough to evenly moisten the soil, but the pot should be allowed to drain before returning it to a drainage saucer. A majesty palm can be fertilized with a weak liquid fertilizer once or twice during the growing season. Fertilizing should be avoided during the dormant winter months.

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