How Do You Plant Magnolia Seeds?


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Magnolia seeds can be planted throughout the year, depending on whether they are being sown directly outdoors or prepared inside in a seed tray. Magnolias started from seed can take between 15 and 20 years to begin blooming.

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How Do You Plant Magnolia Seeds?
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Magnolia seeds must be planted no deeper than a 1/2 inch into a planting medium. The soil should be kept moist during germination and the seedlings should be partially shaded for their first year. After the first year, seedlings can be transplanted to their permanent home outdoors if they have been initially cultivated inside a home.

If collecting the seeds from another magnolia tree, take them only from matured fruits. After picking the fruit, allow it to dry before removing the seeds by shaking them loose from the dried fruit. The removed seeds must be cleaned and the seed coat removed. The seed coat can be removed by soaking the seed overnight and then gently rubbing the coat off with sandpaper or steel wool.

If the seeds are not planted immediately, they must be stored in a cool environment between 32 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Storage at room temperature will decrease the seeds' viability. Store the seeds in an open plastic bag with some soil and mulch that still retain some moisture to prevent the seed from drying out.

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