How Do You Plant Hibiscus in Pots?


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Plant a hibiscus in a pot by choosing the right kind of container, using well-drained soil, placing the plant in a good location and watering the plant well. You need a pot and porous potting mix.

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  1. Choose the right kind of container

    Choose a pot that is wider than the container the plant came in, but almost as shallow. This size keeps the plant from just growing roots and encourages flower growth instead.

  2. Use well-drained soil

    Use a porous, well-drained potting mix that contains perlite, peat and hardwood bark. These materials aerate the soil to keep it from staying excessively wet.

  3. Plant the hibiscus

    Fill part of the pot with the potting soil, and place the root ball of the plant on top of the potting mix. The top of the roots need to be 1 inch below the lip of the pot. Fill in the rest of the pot with soil. Avoid tamping down the soil too firmly, as the potting mix needs to remain porous.

  4. Place the plant in a good location

    If located in northern locations, place the potted hibiscus in full sun. If located in southern locations, put the potted hibiscus in partial sun.

  5. Water the plant

    Water the plant once the potting mix is dry until the water drains from the holes in the pot. Do not overwater the soil, as drainage is important. During winter, water the plant less often.

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