How Do You Plant Hibiscus?


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To plant hibiscus seeds, nick the seeds' coats, soak them in water and add the seeds to a planting tray. Cover the seed tray in plastic, and place it on a greenhouse-heating mat. Remove the plastic when the plants appear, and transplant into individual pots once they have three leaves.

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  1. Cut the seed coat

    Approximately 12 weeks before the last frost, use a craft knife you have sterilized using denatured alcohol to nick the thicker end of the seed coat to speed germination.

  2. Soak in water

    Soak the seed in water overnight to initiate the germination process.

  3. Plant in a greenhouse tray

    Press one seed per plug in the tray to a 1/4-inch depth, and press moist seed-starting medium over the seed.

  4. Care for the tray

    Place a plastic greenhouse lid over the tray, or cover it in plastic wrap. Set a waterproof-greenhouse-heating mat to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and place the tray on it to germinate the seed.

  5. Remove the cover

    When the plants begin to emerge, remove the cover, and move the tray to a sunny window. Keep the soil moist.

  6. Transplant the hibiscus

    Once the plants develop three leaves, transfer them to 1-gallon pots. Keep them in a sheltered area until all danger of frost passes, and transfer them to their permanent location.

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