How Do You Plant Green Beans?


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Plant green beans by selecting a good location, making a row to plant the seeds, spacing apart the plants and setting up trellises for climbing varieties. You need green bean seeds, a hoe, and a trellis or cattle panel.

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  1. Select a good location

    Choose a sunny area with loamy, well-drained soil to plant the beans. Make sure the soil reaches a temperature of 48 degrees Fahrenheit before planting.

  2. Make a row with the hoe

    Using your hoe, create a 1-inch furrow in which to plant the seeds. If your soil is sandy, make the row a little deeper than 1 inch.

  3. Plant the seeds, and press down the soil

    Place the green bean seeds in the row, and cover them with soil. Gently press down the soil. For bush beans, space the seeds at least 2 inches apart. Pole beans need 3 inches of room.

  4. Set up trellises

    For pole beans, stake the plants or set up a trellis to support them. If you wish to grow a large number of plants, install a cattle panel in the garden bed. Cattle panels are 5 feet by 16 feet and beans climb them with ease.

  5. Water the seeds

    Water the seeds immediately after planting. Choose sunny days for watering.

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