How Do You Plant Grass in the Spring?

Plant grass in the spring by preparing the soil, sowing the grass seed, adding mulch to keep the seed in place and watering the grass regularly. Remove the mulch only once the grass becomes established.

Start growing grass in the spring, allowing the seed to grow while it's still cool outside. Choose a grass that best suits your location. For instance, warm-season types are best for planting in the spring and thrive in hot conditions. First, prepare the soil by tilling and raking the top 2 to 3 inches to loosen it. Break down any large clumps of dirt, and remove rocks. Level the soil out using a rake, and fertilize the ground with a spreader.

After fertilizing the planting area, place half the grass seed in spreader, and sow in parallel rows going from north to south. Place the rest of the seeds in the spreader, and go back over the area moving from the east to west. Drag a rake with the tines up over the newly sown grass seed to spread a thin layer of soil over them. Spread mulch made from wheat straw over the seeded area, and water the area lightly and regularly. Once the grass becomes established, remove the mulch. Wait until the grass measures 3 inches tall before mowing it for the first time.