How Do You Plant Grass Seed?


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Planting grass seed involves choosing a time to plant, preparing the ground, planting the seed and watering the lawn as it begins to grow. The first step when planting grass is to choose whether you want to plant in the spring or fall. If you're planting in the fall, it's necessary to leave time for development before winter begins.

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How Do You Plant Grass Seed?
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Germination times vary depending on the type of grass seed, so check the directions on the package to see how much extra time is needed. Before it's time to start planting, the ground needs to be properly prepared. For brand new lawns, remove all sticks, stones and other debris, and then loosen the soil 2-inches deep so that there's plenty of room for air to circulate. Fill in any dips, holes or depressions with top soil. If you're planting on a lawn that's already established, mow it down as low as possible. In any areas without grass, loosen the soil 1/4-inch down. Add top soil to make sure the soil grade is level in all areas.

Using either your hands or a lawn spreader, drop approximately 16 grass seeds on every square inch of soil. Try to keep a consistent, even covering. Water the lawn on a daily basis, ideally running sprinklers throughout the day in short increments. Wait until the lawn has grown at least 2 inches before mowing.

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